Encoder Strips technical data

PWB encoders GmbH is capable to produce code strips with a high resolution and a length up to 1,700mm, esxactly adjusted to your requirements.

  • transparent / reflective
  • resolution: up to 1,000 lpi (lines per inch)
  • length up to 1,700mm
  • photosensitive polyester: -40 °C up to +85 °C (+100 °C ) / thickness 0.18mm laminating as protection against harmful environmental influences (e.g. ink, humidity) and mechanical impact (reinforcement of holding, protection against scratches), RoHS conformity (EC directive 2002/95/EC)
  • tolerances: pitch 1µm (0.001mm), bar/window 2µm (0.002mm)
  • available on request: laminating (one-sided, two-sided or partial), double-sided adhesive for easy assembling
  • linear- encoder in general
  • scanner / printer
  • every type of automation
  • Leading in tolerances and very high resolutions
  • Attractive price
  • Samples available in a few days (based on mechanical standard dimensions)