Brand new information for more aiming accuracy.

As in the past, code disks have been supplied for the "Open Dynamic Robot Initiative" project. Read here how we were able to support the project teams in cooperation with the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems.

The ABG head is a encoder head that, when combined with a dedicated encoder-disc, forms a complete, absolute encoder kit system. This encoder head is suitable for small, medium and large disc diameters. We see particular attention in the use of large continuous hollow shafts.

Another encoder kit system from PWB is characterized by its small footprint and user-friendly design. With the EBG 38 Encoder Kit we provide the customer an inexpensive and good solution for his responsibilities.

The ASA 25 is a high-resolution, multi-functional encoder. It offers a variety of common encoder interfaces. The ASA 25 generates simultaneously position data as well as speed data. Thus, the encoder is ideal for positioning and rotation speed control. The ASA 25 is based on an off-axis hall sensing of a two track magnetic wheel by using the nonius principle. The differential sensing offers the advantage of effectively suppressing homogenous magnetic interferences. This is the reason why static fields don’t have a significant influence on output signals.

Makrolon ® Taktscheiben

12 March 2018

Die Lösung für viele Probleme im Encoderbereich - unsere Markolon ® Taktscheiben aus eigener Fertigung. Informieren Sie sich hier!

MEM 16 Multi

16 November 2017

The MEM 16 Multi is a magnetic encoder with up to 45 bits. It is designed for mini motors and smallest installation space.

MEM 22 Multi

20 July 2017

The MEM 22 Multiturn is a magnetic Encoder with up to 38 bits. It is the smallest multiturn encoder in its classs.

The MEM 25 is a magnetic incremental encoder. Due to its integrated bearing system it achieves a high protection class.

We have now boosted our modular housing encoders AE 30 and MEC 22HR with even better actual value precision! Using state-of-the-art sensors, we have multiplied their resolutions. Your advantage: optimized precision of your systems and machines, with regard to size and design convenient assembly and flexible application – nothing has changed!

The AEM30 is a small, robust absolute encoder. It is reliable low cost hollow shaft encoder which can be fixed quickly and easily onto different sizes of motor shafts. The encoder is available with to different interfaces BiSS or SSI.

The MEM 20 is a very small magnetic incremental encoder. It is a reliable low cost hollow shaft encoder. The encoder can be fixed quickly and easily on motor shafts.