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PWB expands sales area in Asia

15 September 2021

New partnership: The company Seinflex (based in Korea) and PWB decide on an extensive cooperation. The two managing directors Mr. Bryan von Seinflex and Mr. Vock met this month to discuss the details.

A lot has happened in the last few months - you can find all information summarized in our first edition of "TAKTGEBER - Information from PWB encoders GmbH".


A successful celebration!

29 October 2019

PWB celebrated its 10th anniversary with nearly 140 guests at the Penta-Hotel in Eisenach.

PWB encoders GmbH has a new distribution partner in the north of Europe: "Gearcentralen Micmot" is now responsible for the distribution of our products in Denmark.

To increase our development capacities PWB Encoders invests into a additional R&D Department. On the 24th of August we celebrated the inauguration in a festive setting with the wohle staff present.

PWB encoders introduce:

01 January 2018

Our PWB Team receives support: Our new Area Sales Manager, Mr. Christoph Hesse.

On 23.11.2017 a visit of students of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena took place. They were accompanied by: Professor Peter Dittrich and Mrs. Ekaterina Maruk

Birthday Jürgen Tannert

18 October 2017

All employees wish their former colleagues Jürgen Tannert all the best and especially good health on his 70th birthday.

Since our first certification in 2012, we are systematically working on a continuous improvement of our high quality standards. The review on March 22, 2017 has proved that we are on the right way here.

To continue purposefully to expand and improve our customer satisfaction were invited to participate in a survey of our customers. We hope for an active participation. An evaluation will be made after the end on 05/18/2016.

The entrance to the production area got new double door systems and different filter systems have been installed inside the production line. Reliable measures are implemented and control mechanisms are adopted to keep the production line clean. The success of these procedures is monitored by daily particle measurements of room air not only in the cleanroom but also within the whole production area. .
Gerhard Vock: With that we expand and assure our European market leadership with code wheels.

The integration of accepted asylum-seekers in our society requires the collaboration of many stakeholders, but first of all social engagement by individuals and companies. PWB encoders GmbH is aware of this social responsibility and lives up to it. The search for a trainee with migration background liaising with the job center of the city Eschwege led to Mr. Ahmed Nawid Sultany.

As in 2012 , the year of our first certification, we have now passed the re-certification audit successfully . Annual follow-up audits to ensure that the high quality level remains the same within a certification period .

5 years PWB on new Cours

01 November 2014

The new PCB celebrated on 31/10/2014 birthday - and a look back at five years of healthy development makes confident, proud and inspires.