Encoder Strips

Encoder Strips: The highest precision in (nearly) every size. PWB encoders‘ code strips will be used in linear measurement systems for positioning systems, printers, scanners, plotters, textile machinery and numberless further applications.

We manufacture transmissive and reflective encoder strips on film basis with resolutions up to 1,000 lpi for very tight tolerances in every size and quantity.

Encoder strips made by PWB encoders GmbH are suitable for all conventional transmissive and reflective sensors. Regarding length, width and fastening solutions they will be customized according to the application.
Prototype, low volume or mass production: Encoder strips made by PWB encoders GmbH convince by their competitive price, high functionality, as well as flexible and reliable manufacturing and delivery within a short time.

Applications of our encoder strips are extended by laminating and coating to protect the film material, as well as double-sided adhesive film and make adjustment and assembling easy. Customized prototypes are developed by our sample build service within a few days.