Makrolon timing discs based on polycarbonate.

As an exclusive innovation, we produce Makrolon timing discs based on polycarbonate. The components are produced using modern clean-room technology, ensuring the highest quality and maximum precision. Contact us: Makrolon timing discs are the solution for extreme demands for high-precision motion control.

The high-strength plastic and metrologically advanced production enable resolutions of up to 1270 lpi and tolerances of less than one micron for the bar-window ratio (optical) or 10 microns (runout of center hole to data track – mechanical). These values underscore and reinforce the technological leadership position of the product.

Makrolon timing discs can be used as prototypes, in short-run series, or in mass production. Double-sided adhesive film and hubs expand the field of potential applications for the specialized timing discs and facilitate their use and installation.

Makrolon timing discs are used in the iC-PRxx series of sensors from iC-Haus.

  • High temperature resistance (up to +120 °C)
  • Fracture strength
  • Maximum register accuracy and minimum runout due to self-centering center hole

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