Film timing discs: millions proven in application.

We develop and manufacture transmissive and reflective film timing discs and encoder discs based on film. Resolutions of up to 1270 lpi and tolerances of less than one micron for a bar-window ratio (optical) and < 10 microns (runout from center hole to data track – mechanical) define the high level of our products’ technology and production.

With efficiency and fully digitized workflows, we provide a consistently cost-effective price-to-performance ratio and fast, reliable delivery with consistently maximal precision. We develop and produce film timing discs and encoder discs exactly to your specification.

Our shipments include prototypes, short-run series, or mass production of film timing discs. Double-sided adhesive films, stabilizer discs, and hubs extend the field of application and options for our film timing discs and facilitate their use and installation by our customers. This is associated with commercial benefits and added value.

If you need an individual solution, our experience and expertise help you to implement your project. Contact us. We will be happy to present our product solutions and capabilities in the field of film timing discs & encoder discs in more detail.

  • Fundamentally, everywhere that high-precision motion control is needed
  • General rotary encoder / speed & position sensors for electric motors
  • Scanners / printers
  • Automation
  • High resolution and precision
  • Very low concentricity
  • Specialty resolutions and sizes available
  • Samples in a few days (for standard mechanical sizes)

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