Maximum precision where it matters.

As a developer and manufacturer of linear & rotary encoder systems, we supply individualized solutions and components for motion control in the narrowest of spaces. With this expertise and capability, we are happy to partner with medical technology developers & manufacturers as a reliable supplier.

To provide competitive encoder solutions with high functionality, we consistently pursue the highest degree of cost effectiveness and efficiency. At the same time, maximum reliability and capability of the encoder systems and components are always the highest priority for medical technology.

With climate-controlled manufacturing facilities and clean-room conditions, we guarantee the high level of precision and product quality that is a prerequisite for medical technology. A wide range of high-resolution measuring devices and machines, together with many years of technical experience, further ensure the development and production of high-quality rotary encoders, timing disc, and timing rules. Our bottom line is to provide pioneering innovations that give you real technical advantages, added value, and utility.