Robotics from prototype to market success.

With our plug & play encoder solutions, we provide efficiency, precision, and reliability that you can always count on. Wherever digitalization and virtual automation meet real motions and machinery processes, robot technology is well established and requires precise motion control.

When highly capable partners get together to meet this demand, the result is not only high-quality products, but also competitive advantages and market success. This is our goal as a partner and supplier to the robotics industry, where we supply linear and rotary encoders and motion control components for a wide range of applications in robotics.

With in-house research, development, and production, we are able to reliably deliver prototypes, short-run series, and mass products that have been adapted to your technical requirements for robotics. With digitalized workflows and efficiency, we ensure that we provide the highest level of cost effectiveness, and that our ratio between price, performance, and quality is always attractive.